Curriculum Book

The HandCraftEdASL Curriculum was designed to enhance the visual and conceptual appropriateness and accuracy, of sight words for students who are deaf, or have additional handicapping conditions. This book will aid effective communication by translating the written word into grammatically correct American Sign Language, by using text, pictures, graphic representations of sign language, and a color-coding of the parts of speech of the English language.

HandCraftEdASL Curriculum provides a visual depiction of 900+ sight words used in educational settings and commonly seen phrases used in the Deaf community. The sign language and instructional information used in this book are from the author’s experiences and reflections about her interactions with professionals in her field of Deaf Education, primarily in the state of Florida.

Most of the signs used are traditional signs commonly used around the United States, but some signs more commonly seen in an educational type setting are included for the purpose of instruction. It is important to note that the use of specific sign variations could be an influence from the users background knowledge, regional variations of signs from around the United States, types of educational settings, and their own experiences in the Deaf community.