About The Author

Who is Angie Craft?

Angie Craft has been working with deaf and hard of hearing students for over thirty years. Most of her experience has been with deaf, or hard of hearing students with additional handicapping conditions and limited communication skills. She is a graduate of Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida, and the University of South Florida, holding certifications in Deaf Education, Elementary Education, and Varying Education (Special Education). Early in her career, she was also a certified interpreter for the deaf working at a local high school and did free-lance interpreting for the local Deaf service center. She has traveled on several occasions with the Fulbright Memorial Fund Program where she spent her summers doing biodiversity projects at deaf residential schools in various locations around Japan. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Florida Educators of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Individuals (formerly FEHI), and was elected by her peers to be Florida’s representative for the Deaf Educator of the year. In the evenings, she served as an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida, teaching American Sign Language as a foreign language. for undergraduate students. She also began a long time relationship with the local Humane Society, which has now become a successful animal therapy program used throughout the country with Exceptional Needs Students. She has developed an app for sale on iTunes that is a digital representation of her dictionary product. Angie Craft is available for hire as a private consult for trainings on her products, Deaf with Disabilities workshops and assistance with deaf clients in an adult residential setting. She can be contacted through her email – handcraftedasl@me.com.

Angie Craft is passionate about her family, and the children she serves.